After the great success of the previous edition Italy will hold the European Summer Preliminary Tournament again.
There will be two new locations and two new cities for this hot summer of E-Sports.

The first location we chose to host this important event is the gaming area RedStar located in our beautiful capital city, Rome.
The RedStar Gaming ASD is born as an association devoted to all activities related to the world of Electronic Sports in order to give all the “athletes” and gaming enthusiasts the opportunity to practice Esports activities in a special environment designed for their needs. The location, in fact, is more than 160 square meters and is equipped with cutting edge hardware in order to maintain the highest technical level of performance. In addition to the specific gaming equipment, special attention has been given to the level comfort. In fact, the room is equipped with a food court which will offer food and beverages to be consumed in an area equipped with tables and sofas to relax and socialize.
The RedStar room: Via Gian Luca Squarcialupo, 8, 00162 Rome is easily reachable on foot from both the Piazza Bologna Metro B station and Tiburtina station.
Preliminary official Facebook event:
Facebook page of RedStar gaming area:
The entry to the location is restricted to members of ASI or members of assosiations tied to ASI, the membership is obtainable on site with a cost of 5 euro.
How to reach us:  

The second location we go there to submit is located in one of our favorite cities, Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance.
During the 90s, the international billiard room in Tuscany, called Master Billiard Club International, was the spot-light of numerous sporting events, domestic and global, both in the Italian and Gorizia specialitiy, including various prestigious players: Carlo CifalàGiovanni Cappelli (the first teacher of this sport in Italy), Vitale Nocerino, Gustavo Zito and Marcello Lotti (the Dark); this last player toghether with the actor and player Francesco Nuti managed to transmit, via movies like: I, Clare and the Dark, Casablanca Casablanca, Mr. fifteen balls, the values and ‘importance of the sport by ensuring that Tuscany became the cradle of Italian billiards. Born in 2013, in the Tuscany region, in Florence, the new Amateur Sports Association New Master Club, with headquarters in Via Valdinievole 34 Florence, in addition to the promotion of amateur billiards in Tuscany (Italian or Gorizia), it also promotes new and exciting amateur sports disciplines such as American pool billiards, the snooker billiards, darts (soft darts and steel darts) and table football (foosball) becoming a sports club (multisports club) according to specifications and guidelines in respect to CONI and regulated by specific national federations and sports promotion bodies such as, F.i.gest (F.i.dart), F.i.c.b., Csen and Uisp. Thanks to the collaboration established with the A.S.D GamingArena Electronic Games and thanks to the support of our partners Tradeco Modding, the famous local historic Fiorentino Master Club arrived in the world of gaming competitions and E-Sports. The New Master Club proves to be the correct location for any kind of sporting and e-sport event thanks to it’s many rooms.
Preliminary official Facebook event:
Facebook page New Master Club:
The location entry is restricted to members. The membership can be done either online at the link New Master Club or directly at the sports association. To obtain the membership a
voluntary contribution of 5 euro is required.
Inside the structure there is a food court which will be open for the entire event.
The PC stations that will be installed for this event at the New Master Club room are kindly provided by our partner Tradeco Modding.
How to reach us:

Recommended parking: Quick San Donato, video surveillance and manned h24 structure located
1km from the event location.
The two access to the parking are located in via di Novoli and Viale Guidoni immediately after the court of law.
For more information on the San Donato Quick parking visit this link.
€ 1.00 hour or fraction.
Maximum daily rate € 13.00.
It is possible to book a parking slot, this booking will give you a discount on the normal rate once a minimum of 10 reservations is reached.

Recommended Hotels:
B & B Hotel Florence Novoli
Viale Guidoni 101 50127 Florence
Phone 055 4378951
To recieve a special package it is necessary to communicate that you will be attending the event happening at the New Master Club during your booking.

  • August 12 Summer Season Tavern Heroes Tournament + Fireside Gathering.
  • August 13 Europe Summer Preliminary + Fireside Gathering.
  • August 14 Europe Summer Preliminary + Fireside Gathering.
The following is the time table for all the three days.
11:00 CEST – Event starts.
24:00 CEST – Check in opens.
13:00 CEST – Check in closes.
14:00 CEST – Matches begin.
23:00 CEST – End.
Visiting the two locations you will find yourself immersed in real Hearthstone themed inns. During all the three days you can watch the games projected on several maxi screens set up for the occasion, guests can participate in many activities that will be happening during these three days of E-sports, special dining options will be set up to give you a rich food and drink break between games. During these three days, passing by these two location you may encounter Hearthstone professional players. Also remember that if you do not like to sit around, every day constant 4to 8 man tournaments will be held allowing you to take home wonderfull gadgets. All the people who will participate in the Fireside Gathering organized during these three days will receive a special card back for Hearthstone, The Power Core card back!

Registration and Participation method:
The Summer Season Tavern Hero Tournament and Summer Preliminary Europe are reserved to qualified people.
Europe Summer Preliminaries:
  • You have to be a holder of enough HCT points to qualify among the top 128 people. Link to the list of standings and scores
  • Winning Season Summer Tavern Heroes Tournament which will be held in two Italian locations, Master Club and RedStar and 12 August.
Spring Season Tavern Heroes Tournament:
  • Winning a Tavern Hero tournament during the Summer Season of 2016.
Link Official Rules:
  1. Introduction:
  2. Official PDF Regulation:

The Fireside Gatherings (open to all)
Fireside Firenze
August 12, 2016 – Tournament begins at 15:00.
August 13, 2016 – Tournament begins at 15:00.
August 14, 2016 – Tournament begins at 15:00.
August 12, 2016 – Tournament begins at 15:00.
August 13, 2016 – Tournament begins at 15:00.
August 14, 2016 – Tournament begins at 15:00.
Please note:
  • All players must have their own account.
  • To recive the *Power Core” card back you must make the appropriate Bracket registration previously indicated and present yourself before the tournament starts (start 15:00 hours) in one of two locations.
  • To attend any event held in one of the two locations you must obtain a membership.
  • All tournaments conducted in the three days will be in standard format.
  • The RedStar Gaming area is part of Hearthstone Clubs circuit and has been selected as Hearthstone Club Roma.
  • The New Mater Club is part of Hearthstone Clubs circuit and has been selected as Hearthstone Club Florence.

For information contact via private message to page Facebook: